Friday, March 21, 2008

Another day in the life of internet marketing

Another day of hard work in the internet marketing game, and man am I tired. I have been very busy setting up , researching , selling , promoting, etc.etc.etc.
I am putting together my very own web marketing portal with all of the goodies attached
here are just a few of the sites that I am putting up:

My own exclusive submisson service

My own hotsscript like website

My own marketing myspace

My ownexclusive joint venture programmer for hire site

My own cheapest hosting ever site

My own redirect sites

Domain Registration,finding,auction,buy sell, and park site

My own affiliate program/payment proccessor

My own search engine

I am tired and Im going to bed , I do believe that I get more tired thinking than I do working hard physically.
be on the lookout for these exclusive sites coming up here at the beginning of April so you can take part in my marketnig revolution and reap the huge benefits along side of me.

Good Night

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